Transitional seasons, such as Fall and Spring, are great inspirations for functional packing lists. What makes them so great is that they are equipped to satisfy both chiller and warmer weather at the drop of a hat. This means that you’ll need fewer pieces of clothing in your bags. Versatility is your best friend in all facets of travel, but ESPECIALLY when packing. Check out some of our favorite items that will change your packing habits – just in time for fall shopping sprees!

Plaids and Flannels

Plaid and flannel button downs are great items to put in your bag when you travel – especially during fall. They’re basically the tell-tale sign that the air is starting to crisp up and pumpkins can be found on any doorstep. You can style them by wearing them as a traditional button down, leave the buttons undone with a classic solid colored t-shirt, or even tie them around your waist for a pop of color with a neutral top and bottom combination. Each style accommodates a different temperature preference and can be switched during the day depending on the day’s fluctuations.


Who doesn’t love a nice pair of boots? They are both appealing to the eye and comfortable to wear. They’re great options for when you want closed toed shoes but aren’t necessarily in the mood to wear sneakers all day. We recommend purchasing neutral boots that have the potential to be the finishing touch on any outfit you put together. This may mean a black pair or a brown pair. Having closed toed shoes protects your feet and often provides more support than loafers or flats. Not only that, but they also are great transitional shoes for both daytime and nighttime activities!

Classic Cardigans

Cardigans are on the same playing field as plaid and flannel button downs. They’re both almost like accessories to the outfit that we can take or leave based on temperature and activity level of the day. The difference here, is that cardigans have the potential to add an additional neutral item to your bag. Finding a single cardigan that could compliment your entire wardrobe for the trip can save you from filling up much of your bag with heavier tops or multiple sweaters.


Another fall staple… Scarves are a great addition to many outfits as a colorful pop of color and an extra layer for potentially cooler temperatures. Again, finding the perfect scarf to compliment your travel wardrobe will save you from overpacking. Often times these can be stored in a backpack or larger purse if you don’t need it during the day but find the air chilling as you transition to nighttime. Scarves are also great for air travel, as often times we find ourselves cold during flight – a makeshift blanket.


No matter what you’re packing, planning ahead is your best bet to keep your bag from overflowing. Mix and match statement pieces with neutrals that can be reused during your trip. Don’t forget to pack your travel protection! Should your luggage go missing, be stolen or be delayed, you may be eligible for travel protection benefits to help you replace items. Talk to your travel advisor today or visit our website today to learn more.

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