Your kids are free.  Period.  End of discussion right?  While I know that may have gotten your attention, I also know that price alone won’t necessarily get you hooked, and that’s ok!  While reading a recent article about family travel making up 30% of today’s traveling public, my first thought was “Great!  We offer Kids Free on a couple plans, touchdown!”  Then I got to thinking that if the trend is for more adventurous travel and different experiences then families will also be shifting their thinking about spending habits.

No longer is the most important factor in buying a trip the bottom line.  While still important, finding the cheap hotel with a clean pool is a thing of the past for many families.  You want to explore the world, give back and expand the experience for your kids.  Well the same should be said for your insurance policy right?  Aside from the basics (emergency medical, travel delay, etc.) there are oft-forgotten benefits that may make the difference.

So what types of things can an insurance policy offer you to keep up with the changing needs of family travel?  Glad you asked, check these features out and as always, I encourage you to read the full Description of Coverage for the specifics of each benefit.

Optional Sports Coverage

If the trend is for more adventurous experiences then it’s possible you will be participating in an event that is excluded from the basic coverage in our policy.  No problem!  Our sports coverage option – available on all 4 of our Worldwide Trip Protector plans– does the following:

  • Allows sports activities such as bodily contact sports, skydiving, hang gliding, parachuting, and racing that would otherwise be excluded from Emergency Accident and Sickness Medical Expense.
  • Covers, up to $1,000, prepaid greens fees or ski passes if your trip is cancelled or interrupted due to a covered reason or equipment rentals when your own gear is delayed by the airline.

School Year Extension

Family travel is not all about what happens on the trip, what happens if you cannot make the trip.  We offer a unique benefit that provides coverage if the school year is extended beyond normal session due to unforeseen circumstances for you, your traveling companion, or your children.  It’s important note that you, your traveling companion or your children must be attending the school whose year is extended and this benefit does not apply to extra-curricular activities or sporting events.  If you are a teacher and have to work you would not have coverage under this benefit and would need to purchase Optional Cancel For Work Reasons.

Pregnancy and Child birth

A growing segment of the Family Travel market is multi-generational travel and a common scenario is one of the travelers becomes pregnant after the trip has been planned.  While it’s important to note that there are specific requirements to meet the coverage for Trip Cancellation within our Worldwide Trip Protector Gold and Worldwide Trip Protector policies, the good news is we can provide coverage!  Key eligibility factors include the pregnancy has to occur after the purchase date of the policy and can be verified by medical records.

And you thought Kids Free was enough!