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Food has become a huge part of traveling and experiencing the culture. The popularity of food travel keeps rising, so it’s not surprising that travelers want to find the best of the best. Whether the food is highly rated or the restaurant atmosphere is unique, food travel is here to stay. Here are some ways you can make the most out of the local food scene.

Appetizers over Entrees

Opt for many different appetizers instead of getting one meal. You can get a better taste of what’s popular at your destination by sampling smaller, shareable portions.

Restaurant Hopping

Try appetizers at one restaurant. Move to another location for your entrée. When you’re done there, get dessert at another place. This is also a great way to maximize how many places you get to go to.

Browse Social Media

If you use a social platform like Instagram, you can search for a hashtag or location to help you find interesting food at your destination. Nowadays travelers love to take pictures of their food, so you’re bound to find something appealing.

Who Serves the Best?

Try multiple restaurants who serve the same local dish to compare whose is best. In just the U.S., think about gumbo in New Orleans, lobster rolls in Maine, and deep dish pizza in Chicago.

Think Outside the City

Leave the heart of the city you’re visiting to find other great restaurants. Usually the center of a city attracts tourists but a smaller place outside the city could be just as good, if not better. Besides, you’ll probably avoid crowds this way.

Local People Know Best

It’s always a good idea to chat with locals to find out what they think is the best food around. They’re likely to know of a hole in the wall that you’d never discover otherwise.

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