In this day and age, one of the most popular and important details travelers now look for in a hotel, is wireless internet access. Wireless internet is now ranked among the top amenities that travelers look for right along with having a clean and spacious room.

Years ago, most wireless internet in hotels was provided free of cost to all travelers. Since the use and need for internet has skyrocketed within the past years, more and more hotels have been changing their policies and charging their guests a fee for internet use. It has been found that the higher end hotels are more likely to charge for the use of the internet because the guests are already willing to spend a greater deal on comfortable accommodations.

Some hotels offer free internet only in the facility’s lobby. While this can be generous, it might be difficult to deal with if you have a lot of work to get done if you are traveling for business reasons. If you are lucky, you can still find some mid-priced hotels that provide in room Wi-Fi connections for free. If you are stuck in a location where you don’t have that luxury, the costs can add up fast. Here are a few tips if you can’t find a hotel that provides your internet needs…

  1. Use free Wi-Fi at Coffee Shops – There will always most likely be a coffee shop in close proximity to your hotel so take advantage of free Wi-Fi, as doing work in this setting can be much more comfortable than a hotel lobby.
  2. Use free Wi-Fi at Restaurants – More and more restaurants are providing free Wi-Fi in order to accommodate their customers. You will most likely be going out to eat while you are staying at a hotel anyways so plan to do what you need to when you are out and can get two things done at once.
  3. Get the Wi-Fi Finder App – by downloading this app, you are able to instantly find free Wi-Fi internet wherever you are around the world whether you are on or offline.

When booking a trip, keep your eyes open for hotels that provide free Wi-Fi access. Do your research and remember that these extra expenses can add up quick!