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Your passport is your ticket to travel the world, but what do you do if it gets lost or stolen? It’s one of those things that no one thinks will ever happen to them, but it happens every day. Hopefully you never find yourself in this situation but in case you do, here is how to get a replacement passport.

  • If your passport is stolen you need to obtain a police report right away if possible. Proof of theft can help you tremendously. Whether the passport was stolen or lost, you need to report that it’s missing, which can be done on this webpage.
  • The embassy requires you to present several items in order to process your request. First and foremost, you need a photo of yourself for the passport. Get one taken before you head to the embassy so there is no delay. You’ll also need another form of identification, like a driver’s license.
  • You may have heard that when you travel it’s important to make copies of your passport. The reason for this is that you need to show proof of citizenship when applying for a passport. Since most people don’t carry their birth certificate around, you can show them a photocopy of your passport instead.
  • Gather all of your travel itinerary items, like plane tickets, to prove when you need to return home. Depending on these travel plans, you may be able to get your passport rushed.
  • There are a couple of forms to fill out at the embassy, which you don’t have to do ahead of time, but they are available online if needed.
  • Once you receive your passport, it will be valid for a full 10 years just like a normal one. However, if the passport was rushed, it may be a temporary version that you need to turn in for a regular passport once you’re back home.

Even though losing your passport abroad can be scary, the U.S. embassy can be pretty flexible on a case by case basis. If you purchase a Travel Insured travel protection plan, you will also have access to a non-insurance service where you can get assistance in obtaining a replacement passport. Learn more about our plans at

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