river cruise

By now you’ve probably heard of river cruises, since they’ve been gaining popularity. The idea of seeing the world by river is getting travelers’ attention and the cruise ships themselves are improving each year. You can cruise almost any major river in the world at this point. Some of the hottest destinations are Europe, Africa, and China because of the rich history and unique views.

River cruising is pretty different from cruising the sea, however. For starters, river cruise ships are much smaller than ocean cruise ships. You will find less crowds on a river cruise, which means there’s a lot more interaction with other travelers on board. You may even have to eat meals at the same table as strangers. If you want to meet new people, then this is a great perk of river cruising.

Most people say that they don’t get seasick on river cruises because there is a constant view of land instead of endless miles of ocean. Having such easy access to land means that you’ll be dropped off at ports more frequently, and distances between ports are shorter.

When choosing a room, you may want to be more picky than usual. It’s worth splurging for a more expensive room because the cheaper ones may have small windows that don’t allow you to see the views. Rooms with a balcony are often smaller, so choose a French balcony instead. A French balcony is like a floor to ceiling sliding glass door that opens up the entire wall of your room.

On a river cruise, you shouldn’t expect room service, constant Wi-Fi, a gym, or a pool. Room service is very rare on river cruises, probably because the ship is very accommodating to begin with. The Wi-Fi is likely free, but spotty. And finally, if the ship has a gym or pool, you will be too busy exploring or taking in views to want to use them anyway.

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