Social media is a driving force for trends in all facets of our daily lives. The influence it has continues to grow with new and emerging applications and sites. Social media has changed the way we connect and communicate with people far and wide. Let’s take a look at how social media has changed the way we travel.

Social media plays a big role in where we decide to travel.

In the past we may have focused on travel guidebooks, travel advisors, and what we learned in school to help inspire our bucket list of travel destinations. But, in the emerging age of blogs and social media posts we are made aware of many more destinations than we ever have been before. Our friends and family post about a trip they went on because one of their friends recommended it on their Facebook feed, and those friends read about it in a blog that they follow having to do with best places to travel for unique street eat opportunities. The influence trickles down and out to thousands of people through posting, sharing, and liking.

We still see those original types of travel inspiration, but much of it is becoming digitized. This helps those industries keep up with the new way of doing things, so that their content can be shared in a similar way as well. Travel advisors have started blogging and creating social media groups for people to engage and learn with them.

Social media tells us what to do when we get there.

Now that you know a place like Croatia is a beautiful and culturally rich destination, what do most of us do? We go further down the rabbit hole that social media provides to find perfect places to visit, activities to partake in, and food to try while there. This has the potential to be both a pro and a con. We’re growing accustomed to planning our trips down to the item we intend on ordering off of a specific menu at a specific restaurant.

It’s great that we have the opportunity to organize our trips and make the most of our time and money. But sometimes the world throws unexpected curveballs at us which may be disappointing if you miss out on something you really wanted to do or try.

Social media changes the way we archive and share our experiences.

We spend so much time on social media figuring out where we’re going to travel and what to do while we’re there. As much as we gain insight and inspiration from others, we contribute the influence that social media plays on travel. Our posts lend themselves to someone else’s travel journey and planning.

We are able to store and organize our photos, videos, and memories on different social media platforms in many different ways. Certain platforms focus more heavily on images and videos, such as Instagram or VSCO. Other platforms focus on the text that goes along with the photos you have, almost like a photo journal, such as Facebook.


Social media has opened up so many doors in our lives not only for travel, but also for so many more facets of our day-to-day lives. It’s amazing to see how it helps us to stay connected and chronicle our lives for both ourselves and others. No matter where your social media research brings you in this world, be sure to consider travel protection each time you leave home. Talk to your travel advisor today or visit our website to learn more about how it may help you.

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