In this day and age, technology plays a bigger role in travel than it ever has. With social media and mobile apps as prevalent as they are, the way we travel will never be the same. Not only can we plan trips in a new way, but we now have different ways to enhance and enjoy our trips while we are gone. We can book flights, research reviews and destinations, pick out hotels, and even find food and entertainment options for anywhere around the world. All the information you need is now immediately available at your fingertips.

While traveling, more than 80% of travelers use their smartphones, and more than 50% of travelers post photos, statuses, and check in to locations such as restaurants and resorts using social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. It is easier than ever to stay connected to friends and family at home with the use of social media. Not only is it easier to communicate while traveling, but it is easier to stay updated on any travel itinerary changes such as delays, warnings, and updates from air lines or resorts you may have booked plans with.

Hundreds of mobile apps have been created to enhance traveling including photo apps to capture the views along the way, translator apps to help with any language barriers, maps that can ensure you will never get lost and to show you where anything you need is, currency converter apps, and of course thousands of games to keep you entertained along the way. The combination of technology, social media, and traveling will only get more advanced as time goes on and we can only expect the most amazing innovations to be introduced as time goes on.

Whether you use social media during your travels for communication, entertainment, or just to stay updated, technology is a sure way to improve your trip. While it is important to relax and disconnect while you are traveling, make sure to check out some of the newest and most beneficial apps before your embark on any journey to make sure you aren’t missing out on some of the best ways to incorporate social media into your trip!

How do you use social media while traveling?