Let’s face it – most of us don’t have nearly as much time or money as we’d like to spend on traveling. Whether it’s to the next state over or across the globe, we want more of it. Circumstances, however, prevent us from doing just that. So how do we get that butterfly feeling in our stomach that we get when we land in a new airport while we’re at home? The answer: becoming a tourist at home.

There are some perks to creating your own staycation of course. First and foremost, packing for an unknown location…no problem. Traffic and delayed flights? Nope none of that either. By taking the travel out of traveling you get to enjoy all the perks of being a tourist with much less stress.

For all those times we can’t make it on a trip, we’ve created a how to guide for making the best of staying home.

The first step is to try look at your location with an outsider’s perspective. That’s way easier said than done, however. Since you already know where your preferences lie and your habitual locations for everything from flour and eggs to a 5-course meal, it’ll be hard to look as if it were a blank slate. One way to do this is to use online sources like Google and Yelp to look at categorized activities, shops, and restaurants by location. Most of us do this while on vacation when we’re looking for some inspiration or advice on where to have dinner or which museum is least crowded on Wednesdays.

While the chance that some of your favorite restaurants find a place on those lists could be very high, there is sure to be additional options you haven’t tried before. Choose the new ones before reverting to an old favorite. If you end up having to go to one of those familiar spots encourage yourself and your companions to try items that they haven’t yet tried. No matter what the setting is, trying something even slightly different than your usual automatically gives you a new perspective. The exact sensation you get from visiting a new place.

Next, try to construct a travel bucket list within a certain distance from your house – say 20 to 25 miles maximum. Use any resources you can to research this area and pick out a list of places to eat (all meals) and some activities you might want to check out. Consult the internet, local bulletin boards, the newspaper, and local residents to find out where the best spots in town are.

Now you can budget your time, whether it’s just a weekend trip or a weeklong trip, at home just like you would if you were crossing the country. Creating an itinerary for yourself helps you achieve that vacation type feel while still being just in your backyard. Although this may sound stressful, remember that these activities are ones that you’re interested in doing and looking forward to. The homework is the most important part of your vacation, so make it the most important part of your staycation as well.

Your itinerary should be dictated by the things that inspire you to travel. Check out our blog, 6 Reasons People Travel, to dive into a few, of the plethora, of reasons people choose to go away. By considering what your inspiration for travel might be, you can help drive your staycation agenda. Focus on activities that are similarly inspired to reinforce the topics and ideas that bring you to a vacation state of mind.

One thing that we can do to transport us into thinking we are in a land far, far away is to mimic the actions and habits we have while gone. If you usually drink coffee when you’re at home and switch to tea on vacation, make sure you stock up before your staycation begins. Many of us enjoy taking multiple meals outside while on a trip, make a point to do so while you’re a tourist at home as well. Whether you set up a cozy dinner outside your home or find a great outdoor dining experience it’ll help you feel removed from your home environment.

Take a lot of photos – we do it when we travel almost subconsciously. We’re ready to snap a photo at any moment. But, we forget to keep snapping those pictures when we get home. Unless we’re being smushed into a crowd of 15 aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents at someone’s birthday party, taking pictures can get lost in the hustle and bustle of daily life. If you notice that it is a struggle to remember or find inspiration in your at-home photographs, try scheduling or setting aside some time during one of your days to take pictures. Pick a subject of interest, location, or even a pet that you’d love to have a few more pictures of and get creative.

Remember to relax. It can be easy to get sucked back into the daily chaos that surrounds our lives. Be sure to switch off your phone, turn the computer off, or anything else that you may need to do to reduce the extra noise around you.

Staying home has its perks but will never be the same as traveling the globe. Finding balance between the two can provide a world of possibilities and memories waiting to be made. Remember to consider travel protection next time you leave home in case the unexpected occurs. Visit our website today to learn more. Happy Travels!

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