Whether it’s a vacation getaway, or just another business trip, maintaining healthy eating habits while traveling can be a big challenge. Avoiding unhealthy foods can be hard enough as it is, but it can seem impossible if you are rushing to a long flight and knowing that you will be tempted with junk food and tons of amazing restaurants. While it is important to indulge a little bit while on vacation, we wanted to provide you with a few tips on how to eat healthy while traveling and keep you going strong.

Pack snacks before you go.

Be sure to bring along healthy snacks in your carry-on bag that will hold you over until you can get a full meal. Try things such as trail mix, pretzels, chopped vegetables, and granola bars. Make a batch of healthy fruit and protein packed smoothies before you go and put them into portable to-go cups so once you finish them you can refill with water after you pass airport security.

Don’t eat out every meal.

If you have the opportunity, and a fridge in your hotel, one of the best things you can do is to make a quick trip to a local grocery store and pick up some items for breakfast, snacks, and maybe even lunch. This will provide you with healthy, whole options, not to mention will be help you save money by not eating out for every meal while away.

Watch what you drink.

Try to opt for coffee, tea, water, or seltzer instead of high-sugar, high-calorie or artificially sweetened sodas and fruit juices. You can save hundreds of calories throughout your day by choosing water instead of a soft drink. Staying hydrated while traveling is also one of the main ways to fight sickness and even jet lag!

Make good restaurant choices.  

When out to dinner, consider options that will provide you with lean protein and fresh fruits and vegetables. Try and stay away from anything listed as ‘crispy’ or fried and go with baked or grilled fish, chicken, lean beef, or even a vegetarian entree. Swap out the usual side of French fries for a baked potato or side salad.

Do you have any tips for eating healthy and feeling your best while traveling? Let us know below!