Hurricane season 2019 is officially here. With summer vacations upon us, one of the most important steps to staying safe is by purchasing a travel protection plan. While travel protection solely to guard against the disruptions caused by a hurricane is not available from Travel Insured, purchasing a plan with coverage that can help protect against many of the inconveniences that hurricanes can cause can be helpful.

Purchase a Plan in Advance

One of the most common mistakes a traveler can make while attempting to protect themselves as well as their travel investments during hurricane season is by not purchasing a plan until they are aware of an upcoming storm. Waiting to purchase after hearing of a hurricane will not likely provide you with the coverage you need. We suggest you purchase a plan when you make the first deposit towards your trip.

Purchase Cancel for Any Reason                                      

It is important to understand that purchasing a plan that includes the benefit of Cancel for Any Reason is the best way to make sure you are covered if you are worried about a hurricane forcing you to have to cancel your trip. This benefit will allow you to cancel up to two or more days prior to your scheduled departure for a reimbursement up to 75% of your non-refundable prepaid vacation costs.

Purchase Coverage No Matter Your Destination

Many people feel that if a hurricane is not likely to impact the destination they are traveling through or to, then they do not need to bother with purchasing travel protection. Even if your travel plans to do not involve the direct path of the hurricane, you could still be delayed, or you could miss your connection due to a hurricane changing airline or cruise departures elsewhere.

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