Traveling is an exciting time. It is something that we often need a lot of supplies and resources in order to make the experience go smoothly. But, how do we keep all of the items we bring with us safe while gone? Check out this list of tips on how to keep both yourself and your items safe while you explore the world!

Don’t take more than necessary.

Over packing is a struggle many of us deal with each time we go on a trip. Only taking necessities will help you cut down on the number of things that you need to keep track of while you’re gone. As you become more accustomed to what is actually necessary while traveling you’ll be able to cut more and more out of your bag. Always remember that it may be possible, and even fun, to purchase certain things at each destination that you may think are necessary. Then you’ll have a souvenir!

Use the safe in your room.

Most rooms in both hotels and on cruises come equipped with a small safe. Use this to your advantage when you set out exploring your vacation destination. Some items that you may want to consider locking up in your safe include cash, passport, expensive jewelry, and other valuables that you won’t need for your day. This is a better alternative to carrying all of your valuable items on you.

Don’t make yourself a target.

It is a good idea to not carry all of your valuables on you as you explore the destination that you’re visiting. Make sure you consider the setting and occasion that you are dressing for before leaving your hotel or apartment for the day/night. Flashy jewelry, clothes, and shoes will make you stand out in some cases. This isn’t necessarily a good thing. Wear jewelry under clothing while commuting to your dinner destination. Perhaps tuck your purse under your cardigan. Not only is trying to fit in to the culture around you a great way to learn about this new place, but it can also keep you and your valuables safe.

Spread out your valuables.

Cash, jewelry, and even travel documentations should all be spread out between your travel bags. In case something is stolen or goes missing, you’ll feel better knowing that everything isn’t gone. Spread cash out in both bags and on your person. This will help protect you in pickpocket heavy areas. Make copies of your travel documents and put a copy in each of your travel bags including your carry-on.

Invest in concealment bags.

There are many bags that can be clipped around your neck, chest, or even waist and slipped under your clothing. These will help you keep important items close to your body and out of sight from the rest of the world. Check online travel stores and even amazon to find not only great items but great deals to help keep you safe during your next trip.

Don’t forget travel protection.

It’s always a good idea to prepare yourself with travel protection before any trip you go on. Even if it’s just for backup, you may be glad you got it if something ends up going wrong. Not only might it help with health issues or travel delays, but it may also be able to help you in the event that something is stolen or gets lost while you travel. Be sure to talk to your travel advisor and visit our website today to learn more about travel protection. Safe travels!


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