Often times, going on vacation is the highlight of the year. There are countless hours of dreaming, preparing, and anticipation that go into each and every trip we go on. Not to mention, it is an opportunity to explore parts of the world that we have never seen before. But what is sometimes overlooked is the less familiar staycation. We have an opportunity to create the same relaxing atmosphere that we experience away from home while at home. We’ve come up with a few tips on how to plan a staycation and make it the best vacation you’ve had in years.

Get Ready

Just like with any vacation, it’s important to prepare in advance. Clean your house before your staycation begins. After all, when you arrive at a hotel or vacation rental it is (or should be) spotless. Don’t waste your relaxation time doing chores. Buy some exotic coffee or tea to start your staycation mornings with something out of the ordinary. Buy some special bottles of wine. Prepare some personal spa materials and new bath bubbles. Whatever you indulge in while away, find a version in advance of your staycation!

Have a Plan

One thing that will get you into vacation mode is having a plan. This plan should include time for relaxation, time for adventure, and time for food! Plan to spend time outside or by the fire playing games, reading, or watching movies. Cook recipes that you’ve been wanting to try but haven’t had the time, order take out from your favorite local restaurant, or try some place new that just popped up. Take a walk in the center of town or even in your neighborhood. It’s true that adventure lies just outside your door!


One thing that help us to truly relax when we go away is the opportunity to disconnect from your everyday life. To disconnect, try turning off notifications for all texts, emails, and social media especially if they are connected to work. If the temptation is too high, try turning your phone off completely. This will help you to begin your relaxation at home. The only people that you should be connecting with are the ones you would connect with if you were halfway around the world; the people that are with you.

Take Photos

A staple of vacation is pictures. The same should be true when you’re enjoying your staycation. Break out your professional camera. You might be able to learn something new about photography by trying new things in a well-known setting. If you feel silly taking pictures of your home or yard, practice taking photos of your family or pets. You may end up with some great social media profile pictures to post once you reconnect with the world, or even your next holiday greeting card!


Staycations can be just as relaxing as going away. You might even use this time to begin dreaming about where you will go next. Be sure to remember your travel protection the next time you venture further than your hometown. Talk to your travel advisor or visit our website to learn more.


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