Traveling during the holiday season can be extremely stressful, whether it is experiencing delays as you travel across the country or even missing your connection while traveling internationally to see your loved ones. What makes this experience even worse is when you are delayed due to stubborn weather. Under our Travel Insured policies, we have benefits which can make your holiday stress into holiday joy.

Missed Connection and Trip Delay:

Two benefits which come to mind when discussing weather disruptions would be our Trip Delay and Missed Connection benefits.  The Missed Connection and Trip Delay benefits under the World Wide Trip Protector Gold are great benefits to have when you are concerned with weather. The Missed Connection is valid once you have been delayed for a total of 3 consecutive hours and you can file for the maximum benefits of the amount shown on your confirmation of benefits.  Once you have been delayed for a total of 6 consecutive hours the benefit will then be considered Trip Delay. This is to provide coverage for additional transportation expenses needed for you to join the departed cruise or trip, or to catch you up to your destination. It will also allow you to file for reasonable accommodations and meal expenses and nonrefundable trip payments for the unused portion of your trip. Trip Delay and Missed Connection/Itinerary Change are included in our Worldwide Trip Protector plans as a benefit separate from Trip/Flight Cancellation and Trip Interruption. (Missed Connection/Itinerary Change is not included in our Trip Protector Lite plan.)

Trip Cancellation:

Another benefit which will assist you when stubborn weather keeps you from taking your trip would be the Trip Cancellation benefit. Trip Cancellation will allow you the benefit of being reimbursed up to the full prepaid nonrefundable amount insured with us if you are forced to cancel your trip due to complete cessation of services for 24 consecutive hours. What this means is if your flight cannot fly out for 24 hours because of weather, you are able to file a claim for Trip Cancellation under our insurance policies.

There is nothing worse than having your holiday vacation ruined by weather. Travel Insured International is here to safe guard your trip to make sure your holiday season goes off without a hitch. To purchase insurance policies or for any additional information in regards to our plans please feel free to contact the Customer Care Department  via telephone at 800-243-3174 or by email at

Happy Holidays!