Many of us wish we could travel multiple times a year. However, for most of us that may not be possible. So, how do we keep our internal passion for travel alive and well during the times we can’t travel? We’ve come up with a few tips on how you can relive some of your favorite vacations from home!

Bring Your Vacation Back to Life

If you’ve brought back knick-knacks from your past trips, display them throughout your house. Each time you walk past them, you will be reminded of when and where you purchased or received that particular piece. If you haven’t brought anything back, try ordering some items online that remind you of the places you’ve been; think boomerang if you’ve been to Australia. Making your home a museum of your memories is just one way to teleport yourself back to those moments!

Video Chat Your Travel Buddies

Making friends all over the world is one of the best parts about traveling. Hopefully, there are people that you have connected with on social media throughout your time exploring other places. Maybe you even send letters back and forth with a pen pal. Either way, hop on a video conference with the people that you cherish; no matter how many miles away from you they may be. Set up a time to have one of these calls to catch up and even reminisce about the times you spent together.

Sort Through and Organize Your Travel Photos

Whether you have printed versions of your photos, haven’t downloaded them from your camera, or keep them all on your phone, organizing photos is a great way to relive the moments you spent away. By going through our photos we are able relive the moments and emotions that we experience when the picture was taken. There are even times where we forget about a certain detail or event until we are reminded by looking at our pictures. Organize trips into their own albums on your computer or phone. You can even take it a step further and organize those albums into smaller collections – food on the trip, scenery, by day, etc.

Use Your Creative Outlet

Using your creative outlet to relive a trip that you enjoyed is a great way to keep occupied and create something wonderful. Try drawing or painting your favorite picture from your last trip. You could even try to paint something from memory and compare it to an actual picture of that particular place or thing. Find a recipe of your favorite dish you ate while on that trip. The flavors will bring you right back to the moment you took your first bite. If you enjoy video creation, use those photos and clips from that trip to produce a montage or timeline of the trip that you’re trying to relive. The options are endless.


As you’re going through these memories, write down everything and anything you can remember. The more you challenge yourself to recall the more detailed your journal will be. You may be surprised with how much you can come up with. And, if you already have a journal from each trip you’ve gone on, read through what you wrote. Maybe remember to bring a notebook on your next trip if you enjoy this memory tool.


The day will come when you’ll embark on your next adventure. Always remember to travel secure and obtain travel protection for each trip you plan. Visit our website or talk to your travel advisor to learn more. But, until the next vacation, we hope these tips will help you to relive your happiest of travel memories!


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