Take a minute to think back to your last vacation. While I’m sure a few great moments stick out in your head, it’s almost impossible to remember all of the amazing memories of a trip. Taking photos while traveling is one of the best ways to capture all of the great experiences you took part in and remind you of your trip whether it’s a month later or 10 years later. It can often be frustrating trying to capture the best images or even to remember to take them. Here are some tips on how to take better travel photos so you can remember your trip forever.

Don’t miss the action.

Yes, posing with a historical monument can be a nice picture, but one of the best times to snap some travel photos is when you and your travel companions are in action. Whether you are hiking, trying a new activity or sport, or dancing, be sure to capture the moment. Taking candid pictures is one of the best ways to truly remember the memories and will bring you back to that exact moment.

Capture the culture.

One of the best things about traveling is having the opportunity to immerse yourself into a completely different culture. Make sure to capture photos of any cultural references including authentic foods, traditions, buildings, signs, and anything else that expresses the true culture of the region. This will help you remember as well as be able to explain to others what you came across while traveling.

Photograph local people.

The people you meet while traveling often make your experiences complete and add value to your trip. Whether it’s a tour guide, a nice group of people you met at a bar, or an awesome waiter or waitress that helped you out, be sure to snap a picture with them. Also try capturing a photo of them in action and you will be sure to never forget them.

Use the Rule of Thirds.

Even if you don’t have the least bit of an artistic side, one of the best rules to go by is the rule of thirds. Basically, avoid placing your subject in the middle of the photo. Try to imagine your photo is split into thirds with an imaginary tic-tac-toe grid – then place the main objects or people along the intersections of those lines. Much more visually stimulating!

Get the best lighting.

Lighting can often be the trickiest part of capturing the best vacation photos. With beautiful scenery, we often want to capture beautiful skies, landmarks, cities, or landscapes. Try and remember that sunlight is the harshest during the middle of the day which will wash out the colors. If you want to the truest colors to pop in your photos, try shooting early in the morning or during the evening.

Do you have any tips on how to take the best travel photos? Let us know below!