How to travel alone pic

Have you ever wanted to travel somewhere but had no one to go with? Did you have doubts about going it alone? Traveling solo can be a life changing experience, but some people fear that traveling alone means they will be lonely, bored, or unsafe. If you give into these fears, it can stop you from having the greatest experience of your life. If you’re up for a solo vacation, here are some tips that will ease your worries.

It’s Safer Than You’d Think. Typically, traveling alone isn’t any more dangerous than going out alone in your hometown. Trust your instincts, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, and walk confidently down the street.

Picking the Right Destination is Key. Your destination should make you feel comfortable, but that means different things to different people. Some people get anxious in large cities while others are more comfortable there. Generally, you won’t want to visit somewhere alone that mainly attracts families or groups of friends (like Disney World or Cancun) because you may feel like an outsider.

Accommodations Can Provide More Than Rest. Book a room at bed & breakfasts, hostels, or rent a room. You will be able to mingle with locals and other travelers. You could receive valuable advice that you wouldn’t typically have access to at a large hotel chain’s pamphlet display.

Eating Alone Isn’t a Bad Thing. Don’t feel uncomfortable about eating alone at a restaurant. If you get “to go” meals instead of dining in, you could miss out on a major part of the culture.

You Can Meet People During Tours. Group tours are a great way to explore the destination and meet people. You may even find a fellow tourist who would like to do another activity or grab a meal with you.

Try to Disconnect From the Digital World. People back home will probably want to know that you’re alive and well, but don’t spend too much time staying digitally connected. You shouldn’t avoid your camera, just don’t feel obligated to share photos online until you return home.

Purchase Travel Insurance. You won’t be traveling completely alone with Travel Insured at your side. Travel insurance can give you that extra security you might want when traveling alone, just in case something unexpected happens. To find out more, visit to learn about our coverage and to get a quote today.