Hurricane season happens to be a popular time to travel because it includes summer and fall. That creates a conundrum if you’re concerned about the possibility of severe weather conditions. Travel insurance can be very useful to you before and during a hurricane. Some hurricane scenarios are well known, like travel delays and cancelled flights. Others may not be on your radar, like damage to your home or your destination becoming uninhabitable.  If a hurricane affects your vacation, travel insurance may be a valuable resource to help protect your trip.

Travel Delays

Although hurricanes are dreaded, there is light at the end of the funnel. Travel Delay is a benefit that is included in all Travel Insured plans. It could be useful if a hurricane causes your flight to be delayed or if it impedes you from reaching your point of departure. Benefits can be paid in the form of a daily allowance to help you recover some non-refundable expenses.*

Trip Cancellations/Interruptions

If your home or destination becomes uninhabitable, trip cancellation or trip interruption benefits may be helpful. If certain conditions of the plan are met, these benefits can help you recover some or all of your non-refundable expenses. The Trip Cancellation benefit is useful before departure as long as the hurricane hasn’t been named by the NOAA. Trip interruption may help you get reimbursed for the cost of joining your trip after your scheduled departure. We also offer a benefit called Cancel for Any Reason. It allows you to cancel before your departure even if the storm has been named or has hit your destination.*

Damaged, Lost, or Delayed Baggage

It’s bad enough that a hurricane may ruin your trip, but delayed, damaged, or lost baggage is like pouring salt on the wound. With travel insurance, you may be reimbursed up to a preset amount for lost or damaged baggage and personal effects.* For delayed baggage, you may be reimbursed up to a certain amount for additional clothing and personal affects to hold you over.*

Emergency Evacuations

A hurricane may be so severe that an emergency evacuation from your destination may be necessary, which can get expensive. Travel Insured plans include non-medical emergency evacuation coverage and may cover up to $150,000 of transportation expenses.*

With such comprehensive benefits, a Travel Insured plan can be your saving grace during a hurricane. You may even consider purchasing upgrades on basic plans for extra benefits and/or increased benefit limits. For more information on the great benefits awaiting you, visit **


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