internatinoal checklist imageTraveling outside of the U.S. is a very different experience than traveling within the states. It’s fun to be spontaneous but there are some important preparations to make ahead of time. Here are 10 things to put on your travel checklist before you explore an international destination.

  1. Get a Passport
    Apply for a passport several months in advance. If you already have a passport, make sure to renew it. Some countries won’t accept passports that will expire within 6 months.
  1. Make Passport Copies
    Once you have a passport, make a photocopy of it to store in a different location than the real passport. As extra backup, email yourself a scanned, digital copy.
  1. Purchase Travel Insurance
    Especially when traveling outside of the U.S., you may want that extra security to protect your belongings, investments, and health. Visit to get a Travel Insured quote and learn more.
  1. Get Necessary Vaccinations
    Depending on your destination you may need to get vaccinations. Do some research and see your doctor accordingly.
  1. Learn the Language
    Well, not the entire language. Learn a few important words and phrases so you can explore the destination more easily.
  1. Get Your Finances in Order
    Check currency conversions before you exchange so you aren’t shocked by the value of a U.S. dollar. Also make sure your credit card is valid at your destination, and let both the credit card company and your bank know you’ll be traveling.
  1. Buy an Adapter/Converter
    Electrical outlets are different outside of the U.S. Invest in a charger adapter, and check voltage of your electronics to make sure you can use them with the converter.
  1. Check International Cell Phone Rates
    You might pay a hefty price for using your phone abroad. Your phone company can provide you with details.
  1. Consider Time Zone Changes
    When you get to your destination it could be a completely different day! Take this into consideration when you plan your itinerary. You can also adjust your sleep schedule accordingly a few days prior to departing.
  1. Gather Location Information
    Print out or take a screenshot of your hotel address so you have something to show locals and cab drivers, especially if there’s a language barrier. Furthermore, when you have Wi-Fi, take screenshots of maps, addresses, and other information to refer to when you don’t have Wi-Fi.