Keeping Your Money Safe While Traveling

There are many things that we need to keep safe while traveling. The most important item that we need while traveling, though, is money. It holds the key to every aspect of our trip from start to finish. So, we can see why it is the most important thing to keep safe. Check out some of our tips to keep your money safe throughout your entire time away from home.

Carry Spare Currency

Most of the time when we travel, we budget out how much money we think is necessary for our time away. And then we add a little more in case of emergency or if our estimation was off. While planning for this overflow in the budget, it’s important to factor in your cash. It’s a great idea to bring extra US currency as well as currency for the location you’ll be visiting. Sometimes certain areas that you will be traveling to may surprise you by requiring more cash transactions than card transactions. Be prepared with extra cash at all times.

Consider Keeping it Concealed

There are various ways for you to conceal the money you carry on yourself. Use pockets with zippers if you have the option. In the case of pick pocketers, it will be more difficult for them to open a zipper than to reach into a buttoned bag or pocket. Additionally, you can invest in clothing that is made for money concealment. Pants and jackets with inner pockets, scarfs with small compartments, hair ties that open with a zipper, and many more options are available online. Take some time to look into these before your next trip – you may be surprised by what’s out there!

Don’t Always Carry Everything

One thing that we may struggle with is splitting our money up. But, it’s actually a very smart decision. In case some of your money gets stolen from one source you will have back up money stored in other locations. Leave a chunk in the hotel room split between places like hidden pockets in travel bags and a hotel safe. Bring some with you and split it up between your personal bag or backpack and multiple concealed pocket locations.

Consider the Importance of Cards

Credit and debit cards are just as important as cash while traveling. Some locations will be more willing to accept card transactions than cash – especially with current technological advancements making headway across the globe. Be sure to take a photo of these cards before leaving for your vacation. This will be a big help should one of them be stolen or misplaced. Additionally, consider inputting card information on your mobile device for mobile payment forms. Not only will you have a cash and card option for payment but now you’ll be prepared for mobile/electronic payment.

Opt for Indoor ATMs Over Outdoor Ones

One of the easiest ways that pick pocketers and thieves steal from tourists is near outdoor ATMs. It’s obvious why you are standing there in the first place. It’s also very easy for them to see the money being distributed from the machine itself. So, they time themselves perfectly to take your money. If possible use indoor ATMs. These add an extra layer of security to your transaction. If you aren’t able however, be very aware of your surroundings and perhaps have a friend or family member keep look out for you. They can provide a barrier between you and the public which may help greatly.

Notify Your Bank of Your Travel Plans

Whether you plan on traveling a few states over or a few countries over, it’s important to notify your bank. They will be able to keep track of your transactions while gone and verify that you are the one making them. You run the risk of having your bank account and associated cards put on lock or hold if they believe there to be suspicious activity outside of your normal transaction locations. Often times you can use an app or website to set up these travel notifications. When in doubt, however, you can always give them a call.


Be sure to protect both your money and your travel plans each time you venture away from home. Talk to your travel advisor today or visit our website to learn more about how travel protection can help you on your next trip. Happy travels!


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  1. I take a picture of my driver’s license and my passport including the entry stamp page, and store them in my favorites folder on my phone. Printing a copy helps, too.

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