keeping your money safe while traveling
Travelers are more concerned about protecting their money from loss or theft when traveling than they are during their normal day-to-day. Thieves often roam touristy areas because they know people are from out of town and are likely carrying cash. Keep reading to learn some of the safety measures you can take to help keep your money where it belongs – with you.

Gear Up

Purchase a wallet made with RFID-blocking material, which prevents criminals from scanning your credit card information when passing by. There are also bags and apparel made of this same material.

Separate Money

Separate your money, especially cash, into different bags or locations. For example, only store some cash in your wallet and put the rest in the hotel safe or other discrete location. Some hiding spaces include inside medication containers, shoes, or books.

Have a Trusted Credit Card

Having a trustworthy credit card means if you end up falling victim to theft, they’re likely to refund fraudulent charges. Additionally it’s always a good idea to let your credit card companies know where and when you’ll be traveling before you go. That way they won’t shut off service when they see your card being swiped in another country or state.

Get a Baggage Lock

Sometimes a hotel safe is unavailable or unreliable. Consider buying a baggage lock for when you need to leave your bag at your accommodations. It will double as a safe!

Bring Backups

Think about bringing cash and two other forms of payment when you travel. Just in case one card is declined, you’ll have a backup. Some people like to make photocopies or take photos of their credit cards in case of loss or theft. Photos or scanned copies should be stored in a cloud service so you can access it from any device.

Purchase Travel Protection

Purchase a travel protection plan to help protect any potential losses. A plan comes with insurance benefits and non-insurance assistance services. In the event that your money is put in jeopardy, the services can help guide you through, and the insurance can help reimburse losses. Visit to learn more.

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