It’s almost time to celebrate National Park Week and Earth Day! National Park Week is a time which is dedicated towards the beauty and preservation of the National Parks during the week of Saturday, April 21st, through Sunday, April 29th. Earth Day goes hand in hand with National Park Week and is celebrated on April 22nd. During this celebration, entrance is free into the parks, as well as the transportation entrance fees, and the commercial tour fees. Other fees including camping fees, reservation fees and concession fees will still apply. Businesses within the park are often known to create special discounts in order to promote the celebration of the parks, so staying within your vacation budget should not be a problem.

Attending events that are held during National Park Week is the perfect way to promote, enjoy and give back on Earth Day. Earth Day was originally created as a way to inspire and teach people around the world about the importance of keeping the Earth clean and preserved. It is celebrated in 174 countries and has officially been named the most celebrated holiday in the world. Plan to join outdoor activities, plant trees with others, or volunteer to clean up in order to cooperate and give back to the environment.

You can plan your own trips to celebrate National Park Week depending on your own personal interests as well as location. The National Park Service provides an event calendar and an easy to use trip planner. Check out the link below and start celebrating!

How are you choosing to celebrate National Park Week and Earth Day?