You are on your dream trip to South Africa when you suddenly become extremely ill and need to receive adequate medical attention immediately. You make it to a hospital, get treatment, and hand over your health insurance card. They say you are responsible for paying your $5,000 medical bill with cash. What do you do? Here are a few things to help you realize why a travel protection plan may be the right choice for your next vacation.

Travel protection and health insurance are different things.

 A travel protection plan with emergency medical benefits provides you with coverage for losses due to covered medical emergencies while you are traveling. Where health insurance is designed to cover treatment check-ups and continuing treatment of chronic conditions.

Travel protection includes some major benefits that health insurance plans don’t offer.

A travel protection plan offers a much wider range of coverage options and benefits. If something does happen on a trip, you may be reimbursed with a check to help cover the medical bills you would otherwise have to pay yourself. A travel protection plan often offers higher benefit limits and provides primary and secondary options. Travel protection also includes trip cancellation and interruption protection to reimburse you for non-refundable trip payments, in case you have to cancel your travel because of covered illness or injury.

Travel protection plans provide more than just insurance benefits.

A travel protection plan can also provide you with non-insurance travel assistance services. These services can help you find the closest doctor or hospital by U.S. standards, or arrange medical evacuation as needed. You can also get help arranging funds to pay for the treatment up front. Once you’re able to, start a claim and a protection plan can reimburse the eligible costs incurred. Most health insurance plans do not provide this.

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