Every year new trends arise that impact the way we travel. The boost in technology is a major factor for continual change in the industry. Traveling has the potential to be more authentic and exciting thanks to new trends constantly emerging. So what are the current trends shaping the travel industry? Keep reading to find out!

Poshtels – Currently popular in the U.K., a growing trend is the “poshtel” which is essentially a remodeled, more luxurious version of a hostel. Poshtels are inexpensive but elegant and they tend to offer more guest privileges than hostels, such as free Wi-Fi and breakfast. These are particularly popular among young people who make short trips or want to travel on a budget without sacrificing comfort. Poshtels have even created a new type of backpacker dubbed the “poshpacker.”

Wearable Devices – We are already at the point where we can use our smartphones to plan and execute a trip, but now wearable devices are making their way into the market and could change the travel industry even more. Current products on the market, such as Sony SmartWatch and Google Glass, have apps that allow you to use your wearable device in place of physical items like a boarding pass or room key. We will probably see this trend become more common in the travel industry, as Apple will release their Smartwatch this year.

PeertoPeer Experiences – A new and growing trend is peer-to-peer experiences, where locals introduce travelers to an authentic view of the destination. Websites and apps have been created to connect travelers with a local. Most popular is peer-to-peer dining where locals invite travelers into their homes (for a fee) to give them a cooking lesson or to simply share a meal with them. Also popular is peer-to-peer tours, where a local can show you around the location using their personal knowledge and experience.

Different Cruises – Typically, travelers book cruises to the Caribbean, but now there is interest in different types of cruises. A large amount of people are gaining interest in European cruises, since this is a great way to visit multiple European countries. River cruises are also gaining a lot of attention, possibly because they are smaller ships with less people, and you have constant views of the shore (which is better for those who get seasick easily).

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