The international sports festival, known as the Olympic Games, takes place every four years. Some of the world’s greatest athletes train every day to participate in the Games in hopes of earning a bronze, silver or gold medal. The Olympic Games are broken into two events, the Summer Games and the Winter Games, held separately. The Summer Games take place in the first year and the Winter Games are in the third year of the four-year period. Due to COVID-19 safety concerns, the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics were rescheduled and are taking place exactly one year later. They will still be called Tokyo 2020 despite the new 2021 date. The Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics begin July 23rd thru August 8th, 2021. The Paralympic Games start 15 days after. Let’s dig into the action on what to expect for this summer’s Olympic Games!


This will not be the first time that the Olympics are hosted in Tokyo, Japan. The city hosted the Games back in 1964 as the first ever Asian city to host. This year, Tokyo has not only one zone of venues, but two: the Heritage Zone and the Tokyo Bay Zone. The Heritage Zone, made up of 7 different venues, was where the ’64 Games were hosted. The Tokyo Bay Zone, just recently built for the 2020 Summer Olympics, will feature 13 new venues. The two zones overlap to create the shape of an infinity symbol. It symbolizes the commitment, passion, and inspiration of the world’s greatest athletes and the link between past, present, and future. The New National Stadium will be the main stadium that will host the opening and closing ceremonies and all of the track and field events.


On July 23rd, the opening ceremony will take place with soccer and softball matches starting two days prior. 21 different sports including gymnastics, fencing, cycling, and more will be a part of the Summer Games this year. New sports, such as climbing, karate, skateboarding, and surfing will be competing for the first time ever in Olympic history. After being dropped after the London 2012 Summer Olympics, baseball and softball will be added back into the competition. Throughout the 17 days of action, there will be 540 events across all sports and ending with the closing ceremony on the last day of the games.


The mascot for Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games is a futuristic-looking, blue character called Miraitowa. It’s named after the traditional Japanese proverb that means to learn old things and gain new knowledge from them. The mascot has the Tokyo 2020 logo across its head and body and represents justice. The mascots are given special super powers, which were chosen by over 5 million children across Japan. Miraitowa has the ability to move anywhere instantly. The 2020 Paralympic mascot is pink and known as Someity. It’s named after Someiyoshino, a type of cherry blossom in Japan. Someity has 3 superpowers which are telepathy, telekinesis, and the ability to fly using a special cloak. The mascots for this year’s Summer Olympics are designed to represent and reflect an understanding of both tradition and innovation.

New Tech

Major Japanese tech companies will be introducing robots to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. You should expect to see robots being used to direct spectators to their seats, provide event information, and transport food, beverages, and other items around the venues. The Games will also be the first to use a large-scale face recognition system. This will help to improve security and make access to the venue faster for athletes, officials, and attendees. To increase sustainability, Tokyo will introduce new features to the Games. The medals given out during the Olympics will be made from recycled electronics. Even the iconic Olympic torch will be powered using hydrogen, which does not emit CO2 when burned. This will help achieve a low-carbon emission to make the sports festival more sustainable, changing Olympic history!

Explore Tokyo!

Unfortunately, due to safety concerns, the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics will not allow foreign attendees to the venue. However, you can stream the Games and catch all the action from the comfort of your couch.

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