Packing is so conflicting! It provides both a sense of excitement and a sense of dread. The prospect of being on vacation elicits those pre-trip butterflies. But, it also requires that you spend at least 30 minutes sitting in front of your closet contemplating why you even planned the trip to begin with. Here are some packing hacks that we’ve come up with to expedite and ease the process.


There are a few steps to take before setting out on your packing rampage. We suggest compiling a packing list of things that are always needed, no matter the destination or season. This list should be collected first and foremost because, chances are, it will make up at least half of your bag’s items. Things such as travel documents, toiletries, socks, undergarments, and accessories can be included here.

Once that’s done you can consider the clothes and shoes you’ll need for the trip and its climate. Here its worth taking the time to plan outfit by outfit or day by day. This will allow you to eliminate extra items and gives you the opportunity to plan versatile pieces. These can be used multiple times throughout your trip and should include neutral tops, bottoms, and outwear. Take a picture of the outfits you’ve planned so you remember which items should be paired when you’ve arrived.

Now you’re ready to put your things in your luggage!


Actually packing

There are many ways to pack that saves room and keeps clothes nice. Rolling your clothes provides the opportunity to save clothes from wrinkling, especially if you take your time when rolling. Or, use a packing cube to organize your clothes by day or outfit and save stress while on vacation. Our hack? Put them both together; roll your clothes into your packing cube. And if your cube isn’t big enough for rolling you can use large plastic bags.

Bring an extra bag for dirty clothes, especially if you have to live out of your suitcase. It will allow you to keep those dirty, and possibly smelly clothes (socks included), separate from your clean smelling clothes. If you used plastic bags to pack, you can put your dirty outfit in the same bag and seal it up tight when you’re done with it for the day!

Consider stuffing some items into your shoes, such as perfume or travel hair appliances. Not only will this keep them slightly safer than if they were to be floating around, it also saves space and helps you maintain the shape of your shoe.

Pack everything in the same spot or in the same way every time. This not only keeps you organized, but also speeds up packing because everything you that needs to be packed has a designated spot. There will be no wondering where a certain item is – you’ll already know!

Finally, we suggest throwing a dryer sheet or two in between some of the layers of clothes you’ve packed (or in each packing bag/cube). This is just one more step you can take to ensure you are smelling your best when you put those clothes on that have shared space with your shoes for probably a few hours.


Other hacks

  • Always be aware of your particular airline’s baggage policy – this includes both checked luggage and carry-ons/personal items. These may differ greatly by airline as well as domestically or internationally.
  • We suggest taking advantage of carry-on items and personal items – put some of your heavier or more valuable items them so they don’t weigh down your checked luggage and you always have them with you
  • Opt for a larger carry-on in case you plan on purchasing things while away – it can be the perfect place to store or to transfer some luggage items if you happen to have an overweight bag.
  • Consider putting an emergency outfit in your carry-on in case your bags don’t arrive at the same time as you.
  • Universal adapters are a great investment and will save you the hassle of purchasing one for each new country you visit.
  • Packing a portable luggage scale is a great idea – they can be very compact and will save you the stress of wondering whether or not your bag is overweight.


Don’t forget to pack your travel protection too! Talk to your travel advisor or visit today.


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