protect your beach belongings

With summer on its way, travelers will be hitting the beach every day! For the most part, you can trust your fellow beachgoers, but what would you do if someone stole your personal belongings while you took a dip in the ocean? We have some tips on how to protect your belongings at the beach to try to prevent this from happening.

Leave your most valuable items at your hotel, or in the car if necessary. If you don’t bring anything of extreme value to the beach, then there won’t be much for thieves to go after.

Speak to your nearby beach loungers. Even if you say something brief to the people near you, they’re more likely to speak up if someone tries to take your items. You could also ask them to keep an eye on your stuff and they might be more willing to if you’ve already struck up a conversation earlier.

Hide valuables in unsuspecting places. Sometimes putting valuables (wallet, car keys, etc.) in your bag isn’t enough. Try hiding your items in unsuspecting places, like in an unused baby diaper or fake trash bag.

Bury your treasures. Bring a sealable bag to the beach and you can put items like your phone or money inside. Then dig a small, shallow hole underneath your towel or blanket. Put the bag in the hole and cover it up. It would be pretty difficult for a criminal to uncover your hiding spot without looking suspicious.

Don’t wander off too far. If you’re going to leave your items unattended, make sure your spot is still within view. If you plan to walk further down the beach, consider bringing items of value with you.

Make backup copies. If you bring any important documents (e.g. passport, ID, etc.) to the beach, it’s always a good idea to have copies of them somewhere else, like back at the hotel. Just in case something of value gets stolen, you won’t be at a complete loss.

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