With hurricane season here, are you concerned that your trip will soon become a disaster due to a storm? Do you have a fear that your luxury vacation rental will be in shambles, or that your flight will be grounded due to weather? Travel Insured International can offer you plans and coverage that will provide you peace of mind. Here are a couple of tips that are important to remember during this season!

What benefits are available?

Under the Trip Protector Lite and Lite Expanded Plan, the benefits which we offer under Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption include the following:

  1. Weather which causes complete cessation of services of Your Common Carrier for at least 24 consecutive hours.
  2. Natural Disaster at the site of your destination which renders your destination accommodations uninhabitable.
  3. Having your principal place of residence made uninhabitable by fire, flood or other Natural Disaster.

With the Worldwide Trip Protector and the Worldwide Trip Protector Gold, the same coverage is available with the added benefit of:

  1. Mandatory evacuation ordered by local authorities at your final destination due to hurricane or other natural disaster. You must have 50% of your total trip length or less remaining on the trip at the time the mandatory evacuation ends, in order to cancel the trip.
  •  If the evacuation ends with more than 50% of their trip remaining then you can file for the missed unused portion of their trip under the TRIP INTERRUPTION benefit.

2. You also have an optional benefit you can purchase known as the Cancellation for Any Reason coverage if these benefits do not cover what you’re looking for.

Please be aware that the Cancellation for Any Reason coverage must be purchased within 21 days of your initial deposit under the Worldwide Trip Protector and 30 days from your initial deposit under the Gold Plan. Cancellation for Any Reason is a 75% reimbursement and you must cancel your trip 48 hours prior to your departure date.

Travel Insured also offers an Emergency Assistance service which is available 24/7 for any type of assistance you may need during your trip. So next time you are planning a trip, remember Travel Insured International has your best interest to make sure your trip is not a natural disaster.