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When planning for a trip, you probably aren’t thinking about how to protect your belongings from being stolen. It’s important to keep your home safe while you’re away too, just as it’s important to keep your belongings safe on a trip. Here are some tips to help you protect your belongings from loss or theft.

  • Stop your mail from coming to your house while you’re away. Someone may notice a full mailbox or sidewalk full of newspapers and take that as a sign you’re away and an easy break-in.
  • Invest in a timer for your lights to make it look like you’re home. Some systems allow you to control things like that from your phone now.
  • During the winter time, unplowed driveways and sidewalks can tip off that you’re not home. In the warmer months, long grass might signal that no one’s home. If you have a trusted neighbor who could shovel or mow the lawn while you’re gone, it will help to make your home look occupied.
  • Nowadays everyone uses social media to share their lives but it’s risky to tell everyone when you’re traveling. It’s definitely a challenge in this day and age, but it’s safer to wait until your trip is over to post photos and share stories online.
  • Take a photo of yourself on your camera so if the camera or its memory card goes missing, you have proof it’s yours (if someone finds it and you need to claim it).
  • Keep your bags zipped and closed until you reach your accommodations to avoid pickpocket situations. Also attach a luggage tag with your hotel’s address if you’d want a missing bag to be delivered to you on the trip, rather than back home.
  • Purchase a travel protection plan from Travel Insured. In the event that your belongings get lost, damaged, or stolen, you may have coverage for the item’s value. Find out more at

Do you have any other tips to help protect your own belongings? Share with us!

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