Traveling during the winter can be tricky due to the risk of storms. At Travel Insured, our plans can help you weather the storm and help protect your trip from becoming a total loss. Here are a few common questions that can help you understand how your travel protection plan can help in the event of a winter storm.

What if I purchase my plan after the storm begins?

Waiting to buy a travel protection plan until after a storm occurs may not provide you with the coverage you need. Protection plans are designed to protect against unforeseen events. We recommend investing in a travel protection plan when you purchase the first part of your trip to help make you eligible for as many benefits as possible.

I have a plan already and the news has forecasted a big storm. What do I do?

Depending on your plan, you may be eligible for the Cancel for Any Reason benefit if you cancel 48 hours or more before your scheduled departure date*. If you have already departed for your trip, you may be able to claim travel delay benefits. Travel delay coverage starts when you depart on your trip. Depending on your plan, the travel delay benefit can cover certain unplanned costs you have to or from your destination. This is for delays that are at least 6 or 12 hours long. Unplanned costs can include reasonable expenses for accommodations, meals, local transportation, and non-refundable pre-payments for the part of your trip you missed due to the delay.

What if my airline cancels my flight and I can’t get another flight because of the storm?

Trip cancellation coverage may apply here because you are forced to cancel your trip. This benefit applies after you purchase your plan but before departure. If you have already departed on your trip, but you have to interrupt it and end your plans early due to the storm, you may be eligible for trip interruption benefits. Your coverage for trip cancellation or trip interruption would include reimbursement for a specified percentage of your non-refundable, pre-paid costs, depending on your plan.

How else can my travel protection plan help me during a storm?

Your travel protection plan includes 24/7 worldwide non-insurance assistance services like travel assistance, medical emergency, non-medical emergency evacuation assistance, lost baggage retrieval, and concierge services. Just refer to your travel document for contact information.

Purchasing a travel protection plan for a winter vacation can provide you with the coverage you need to secure your trip in case a storm threatens your plans. Invest in your trip today by visiting to compare plans. We are here to help make your trip memorable for all the right reasons! **


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