6 Proven Health Benefits of Traveling


Studies find the benefits of leisure travel are far beyond exploring new places. There are actual proven health benefits of leisure travel that may convince you to pack your suitcase sooner than later.

  • Improve Heart Health

Studies show that men who did not take an annual vacation had a 20 percent greater risk of death and 30 percent higher risk of heart disease.2 Additionally, women who traveled at least two times per year had a significantly lower risk of having a heart attack than women who traveled every six years or more.1

  • Help Get those Creative Juices Flowing

According to Professor Adam Galinsky at Columbia Business School who studies the relationship between international travel and creativity, “foreign experiences increase…the ability to make deep connections between disparate forms.”1 Engaging in local culture – internationally or domestically – is critical to enhance creativity. Whether you’re looking to boost creativity in your work or personal life, travel might just be the key!

  • Feel Happy and Satisfied

Not only does vacation make people happy but the anticipation of vacation lifts spirits. In fact, according to a Cornell University study, the anticipation of a vacation is far more satisfying than the anticipation of receiving a physical possession.3

  • Lower Depression Risk

A study shows that women who travel at least twice a year are less likely to suffer from depression and chronic stress than women who travel less than once every two years.3 Taking vacation seems to have an even more powerful effect than mere happiness!

  • Strengthen Your Immune System

With exposure to pathogens that you normally wouldn’t be exposed to at home, travel creates stronger antibodies that significantly boost your immune system. Andy Lee Graham, an infamous traveler who’s visited 112 countries in twenty years, says travel is his “best probiotic.”3

  • Lower Stress

One hundred women, as part of a study in California, spent six days vacationing at a resort. All participants “had significant changes in molecular network patterns after the week at the resort. The most notable changes in gene activity were related to stress response and immune function.”1 Other studies show that just a three-day vacation can have a lasting stress busting effect, while an eight day vacation can have the most significant effect.3, 1

Travel reduces stress, but travel delays, missed connections, medical emergencies, and lost or delayed baggage can create unnecessary stress that can counter the positive effects of travel. Find a travel advisor to help guide your vacation plans, as well as travel protection plan to keep a vacation, a vacation. Check out Travel Insured’s protection plans at www.travelinsured.com.

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  1. My sister and I have been very stressed lately with both of our jobs and are hoping to take a girl’s trip to help clear our minds. I like how you mentioned that people who travel are less likely to suffer from chronic stress and depression. I think that taking a trip to solely focus on your wellness could be very beneficial for mental health. I will be sure to look into wellness travelling as an option for my sister and I to get away from our daily stresses.

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