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We wanted to reach out to some real life travel agents and hear a few of their best-kept secrets and tips regarding all things travel. We’ve separated it out into three categories including overall travel, millennial travel, and luxury travel, so that you would be able to learn a thing or two no matter what type of trip you are embarking on next!


Overall – Plan a very special element on your trip, a real splurge.  Such as dinner at the best restaurant, a private guide for a day, a velvet rope tour of an iconic landmark.  Treat yourself to something unique to the destination, you will always remember it.

Millennial Travel – Make a personal journal of your trip where you’ve been, what you’ve seen, the people you met, the experiences you had.  Travel is transformative.

Luxury Travel – If you are staying in one place on your vacation, upgrade your accommodations to a suite, villa or residence.  The additional space lends to a more enjoyable and relaxing time with loved ones.

Jennifer Yokiel of Minnetonka Travel


Overall Always look at your passport! When you’re in the early stages of trip planning, it’s important to put eyes on your passport once to ensure that it’s valid at least six months past your return date.

Millennial Travel Don’t believe everything your Facebook friends say. Travel advisors are still very relevant and utilizing them will only enhance your vacations.

Luxury Travel Plan Ahead. To ensure you’re getting the room you want at a 5-star property or the suite onboard your premium cruise ship, nine months in advance (if not more sometimes) is essential.

Heather Christopher of Heather Christopher Travel Consulting, LLC


Overall Plan early. Last minute deals can be a good solution if you just need to get away and take a break but aren’t the best way to plan for your bucket list experience. We personally recommend starting to work with your travel professional 6 months to 1 year in advance.

Millennial Travel Disconnect. In a world where everything is connected and always on, we do not often realize the importance of unplugging. However, studies are quickly showing the importance to yourself (and indeed your friends/family) to put down media and have some silence. Like some medicine, at first it tastes bitter but once you realize the sky will not fall, you will realize just how sweet it can be.

Luxury Travel Do you want a truly unique experience? Build a relationship with one person who really wants to get to know you. Be sure they are creative and then let them help you dream. Talk about your passions, interests and share your bucket list ideas. Then make a plan to do those things and dream big. Of course, private tours are wonderful but a really creative travel professional can often create experiences that have never existed before and make that smile of yours even larger.

Jason Holland of Travel Simplicity


Do you have any travel tips your would love to share with our fellow travelers? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  1. You can guarantee about 80% of the success of your cruise vacation by taking a good amount of time to research and thoroughly plan for your trip in advance. Getting an assistance from travel agent will make your cruiseship experience memorable and less hassle.

  2. Always use a Travel Agent, if they are ‘experienced’. Ask if they’ve been there?

    Jennifer Yokiel, Minnetonka Travel Wayzata MN USA (mentioned above) has an agency with agents that are experienced and have been there…. They can always find the best deal and suggest memorable event for the trip.

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