Whether it’s your first time cruising or your one hundredth time cruising, the luster of the sea never wears off. Going on a cruise is an exciting experience. Floating from one destination to another overnight through the vast open waters, is something truly out of the movies. Get ready to make tons of friends, have incredible dining experiences, and find entertainment at every corner. Just like air and land travel, though, it is important to stay safe during your time on the sea. Check out our list of cruise safety tips!

Buddy Up

Cruise ships are often much bigger than we think they are, and it’s easy to get lost or turned around before you become accustomed to the ship. Having a buddy can help you stay on track or find fun in the exploration of it all. This is especially true for younger travelers. If you are going on a family cruise and have children or teenagers, encourage the buddy system.

Be Safe on Your Balcony

Balconies offer fantastic views no matter where they’re located. They provide a new prospective on the world. Always practice safety when on a balcony. This means not hanging anything over the edge, climbing or reaching over to areas outside of the balcony, and not throwing anything from the high vantage point. These safety measures ensure not only your safety but outsiders’ safety as well. On a cruise you may be faced with a balcony that has an obstructed view. This could mean that some of the ship’s equipment is near or in front of your balcony. Practice further safety but not tampering with any of the equipment that may be accessible from your balcony.

Use the Safe in Your Room

The ship is your hotel on the water. You may want to consider using the safe provided in your room to keep your valuable items locked up while you’re out and about. Generally practicing the same safety on land and on water, with regards to valuables, is a good rule of thumb. Consider keeping valuables such as cash, jewelry, documentation, and more in the safe. Be sure to set a passcode that you will remember and not to share it with anyone.

Get to Know Your Steward

There is a steward for each section of rooms on the boat. They are there to help you with whatever you may need in your room. Getting to know them is a great way to ensure that you feel comfortable on the boat. They can offer tips about the boat and help to alleviate any stresses you might have about being on a boat. There are many guests aboard and the front desk may not always be readily available, try seeking out your steward first and seeing if they can help you with the issue or request you have.

Prepare for Seasickness

Even if you’ve never been seasick for a moment in your life, preparing for it is a great idea. Instead of having to seek out medication or remedies after the onset, you’ll be prepared to stop it in its tracks. Consider bringing any medication you may like or trust the most with you in your luggage. Look into motion sickness bracelets or patches if you prefer that method. You may also be able to find these solutions on board in shops or in the medical wing. Other remedies may include ginger candies and ginger ale to soothe the stomach. Consider purchasing some and keeping it in the fridge in your room.

Pay Attention During the Muster Drill

There’s a reason we practice fire drills in school. It’s to keep us safe in case an emergency happens, and a fire breaks out. The muster drill on a cruise ship is important for the same reason. Should something go wrong on the ship you will need to know how to react and where to go so that you and your crew mates can be helped most effectively. During your first few hours on the ship you will participate in this sort of drill. Be sure to pay attention during the drill and ask questions if you need to.

Listen to Ship Announcements

There are often daily announcements that are broadcasted throughout the ship. There may even be multiple during the day. They may have to do with weather conditions for the day, information about the port that you’re going to, and the course that you’re on. Although these may seem repetitive to you, it is important to listen to these announcements in case there is important information that you need to hear. This is a great way for the crew to get information out to everyone at once and will be utilized up front should they need to get a message out.

Handrails are There for a Reason

One difference between a cruise and a regular hotel is the fact that a cruise is moving on water. This means that you’ll be moving as well. While most of the time this movement is undetectable, there may be days or weather that causes this movement to be more noticeable. Using handrails especially when on stairs is important to keeping safe and upright. Consider using handrails outside as well especially if decks are wet.

Wash Your Hands

Being on a cruise ship means sharing all types of surfaces with hundreds of other people. Be sure to wash your hands frequently, especially before meals, after going to the bathroom, and after being in a highly trafficked area like a casino or game room.

Shore Visit Safety

Although much of your time, if not all of you time, on a cruise adventure is spent on the ship, be sure to consider safety during port excursions as well. Along with ensuring that you are prepared with proper attire and footwear for whatever adventure awaits you, be sure to have an adequate amount of local cash with you in case electronic payment isn’t an option. Also be aware of departure time of your cruise ship. If you plan an excursion outside of what the cruise offers, you will be responsible for getting back to the boat with ample time before the doors are closed and the port is left.


Going on a cruise will be an exciting adventure for you and your traveling companions. Being prepared in advance on how to stay safe will help you to enjoy your time and feel comfortable on the ship. Be sure to pack your travel protection as well. It can help you should the unexpected occur. Talk to your travel advisor today or visit our website to learn more. Safe travels!


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