When you travel to a different time zone, it can become a challenge to adjust to the local time. Luckily there are many tricks you can try to prevent your body from struggling through jet lag.

Before you leave:

  • Invest in a decent travel pillow so you’ll be as comfortable as possible on the plane.
  • You can try to adjust your sleep schedule a few days before the trip to try to match up with your destination’s time zone.
  • Pack an empty water bottle to refill at the airport. Staying hydrated is important in avoiding jet lag.
  • Eat a healthy meal before you board your flight. It will help prepare your body to feel its best.

On your flight:

  • If you’re wearing a watch, change the time to your destination’s once you’ve boarded the airplane.
  • If you are having trouble getting comfortable in your seat, walk up and down the aisle when the seat belt sign is off. Getting your blood flowing can help your muscles relax.
  • You will probably be groggy when you land if you take sleep medications, so try to not take any.
  • Wear a sleep mask and/or put headphones on to try to get into a relaxed state. If you can shut off the rest of your surroundings, you may be able to fall asleep.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and caffeine, as these are both dehydrating and mess with sleep patterns.
  • If you’re trying to sleep, avoid electronics – including the seat back TV.

Once you arrive at your destination:

  • Many people swear by the “grounding” method. It might sound silly but take off your shoes and stand in the grass or sand for a few moments. It has helped many people feel connected to the time zone after being disconnected for hours.
  • It’s probably tempting to start exploring or rushing to where you need to be. But take a few moments to stretch, take a shower, lie down, or even take a 20 minute nap. You don’t want to stress your body by not letting it rest.
  • Try your best to follow a normal schedule right away. If it’s daytime, attempt to take in some sunlight. If it’s evening or night, it’s okay to go straight to sleep. If it’s a meal time then try to eat. Even if it’s a small meal, it’ll help get you on the right path.

Do you have any tricks for beating jet lag? Let us know!

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