Spring Break Safety Tips

It’s that time of year again and students are traveling to destinations all over the world to kick back, relax, and take some time off from a busy school schedule. It can be one of the most exciting times, but it is also important to remember that you need to stay as healthy and safe as possible when traveling to a new location. Before you leave, check out some of the of these spring break safety tips to make sure your trip goes smoothly!

Protect your money

Make sure you only carry a limited amount of cash with you at all time, as well as only one credit card. When you are pulling out money to pay for something, never reveal all of your money at once. Also, before you go it is always a good idea to contact your bank and credit card company to let them know you will be traveling so they do not report any suspicious activity and deactivate your account.

Go out in groups

One of the most important things to remember while on spring break vacation is to always travel in groups. Whether you are shopping or going out at night, going in a group can save you from being a target. Going anywhere alone even for a short amount of time multiplies the chance of getting into some sort of danger – especially when out of the country.

Have an emergency plan

If you are traveling out of the country it is important to know that if you experience some type of emergency that you can’t dial 911. Before you leave for your trip, make sure you put together a list including the phone numbers you may need including friends and family members, health emergency contacts, and the local emergency numbers of the location which you’re staying.

Invest in travel protection

If you were to run into any unexpected events, like lost baggage or a flight delay, you may not have additional money saved away for emergencies. With a travel protection plan, you can get reimbursed for those unplanned covered costs. Get a quote today at www.travelinsured.com.

Where are you headed to for Spring Break? Let us know in the comment section below!

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