One of the most amazing things that a student can do is travel to a faraway destination whether it is for vacation or for attending school abroad. Traveling provides new experiences, cultures, and history lessons that students would never be able to take away from reading a text book. Since it is important for a student to travel, it is almost important to remember that when students are away from home, especially in another country, the risk of something undesirable happening along the way dramatically increases.

While many people may believe that young people are faced with fewer risks while traveling, the truth is they are faced with just as many issues that an older traveler can be faced with if not more. Most of the risks are ones that many wouldn’t even think of and it’s important to stay aware of some of the unexpected occurrences that could happen. We’ve included the top 5 reasons that student travelers should never overlook the investment of travel coverage!

1. They might have less money saved than an adult traveler.

If a medical emergency happens to occur while traveling, and a student must receive medical attention, they may not have enough money saved to pay for the initial cost. Without travel coverage, many students may even opt out of receiving the medical attention they need because they know they will not be able to pay for it. Investing in an insurance policy will be much cheaper in the long run in case a medical emergency or accident does indeed occur along the way.

2. Trip cancellation risk is higher.

Student travelers have so many things going on in their lives that can often cause issues where pre-paid trip plans must be cancelled. Whether they become sick, a parent of family members becomes ill, or something unexpectedly comes up, the possibilities are endless for not being able to attend a trip. Having ‘Cancel for any reason’ coverage can ensure that a student traveler does not lose all of the money they invested into their planned trip, and they will be entitled to reimbursement up to 75% of their trip cost.

3. They may need to be evacuated from a destination.

Studying abroad in foreign countries provides the risk of having to be evacuated due to any violent uprisings including terrorism, protests, or acts of war. If a student needs to be evacuated for safety, the government does not cover the costs it takes to return home, leaving the bills to the traveler and their family. A travel insurance policy will provide coverage for evacuation costs and save you the student from any potential danger and get them home safely without dealing with the expensive bills.

4. Many young travelers also have pre-existing conditions.

While most people associate older travelers to be the ones who have pre-existing conditions, that is not necessarily true. Young travelers also have pre-existing conditions that they must consider while traveling. Many insurance policies do not provide coverage for any medical condition named before a trip, so it is important to purchase coverage that includes pre-existing medical conditions to ensure that any medical expenses can be covered when traveling outside of the country.

5. Accidents are more likely to occur.

When students are away and exploring a new place, they will most likely be trying things they have never done. They will be exploring and taking risks that they were never faced with before. All in all, this provides more of a risk for accidents to occur. Whether they are sightseeing, trying a new extreme sport, or eating something strange, it is important to protect the student traveler no matter what they get themselves into.