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Summer time is here, which means the kids will be out of school and summer vacation plans will be falling into place. Summer is a time for fun and relaxation, but it is important to remember that summer can also be one of the riskiest travel times of the year. It’s important that you not only arrive to your destination safely, but that you stay aware during your entire trip so you and your family can stay safe, as well as avoid any scams or mishaps. Here are a few summer travel safety tips to ensure that your summer travels run smoothly and are as enjoyable as possible!

Research Your Destination

Before you make any set travel plans, it is important to thoroughly research the destination you are interested in.  Make sure you know the surrounding area and anything that might be beneficial to your safety and health such as weather conditions, immunizations you may need, and if the local water and food is safe to consume.

Share Your Plans

Before departing on your summer vacation, always let someone who you are close with such as a family member or friend know exactly where you are traveling to, and the length of time you will be gone for. It is also important that you notify your postal service, as well as a trusted neighbor so that they can notify you if anything looks suspicious while you’re away.

Lock Your Luggage

While stolen luggage is a very common travel crime, many people often do not think of having someone steal from their bags and leaving the rest behind.  This happens frequently if bags are left unattended, so take the extra safety precaution, keep them beside you at all times, and purchase a TSA approved baggage lock to ensure no one will mess with any of your personal items along the way.


Use Travel Technology

Take advantage of all the different types of technologies we have access to that can help and protect us. There have been several mobile apps designed to ensure safe and easy travels such as different GPS and monitoring systems, like Companion. There are also apps such as SafeTrek, that allow you to silently contact emergency help if you are in a dangerous situation. You may never have to use these during your trip, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry

Stay Aware

Unfortunately, summer is one of the most popular times of the year for travel scams to occur. Scam artists often take advantage of the care free, laid back attitude that travelers seem to have during the summer months. Always keep your purse, wallet, and any other valuables in your sight,and your money in different locations. Do not leave your children unattended at any time.

Do you have any summer safety travel tips to share? Let us know!

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