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Top Smartphone Camera Apps for Travel

A camera used to be one of the top things every traveler put on their packing list, but now a days more and more people are leaving their cameras at home and solely relying on their smartphone to capture images of their journeys along the way. Camera phones  are constantly improving, almost on a monthly basis. They can capture clear images, be personalized easily, and shared with other with the press of a button. Next time you are a planning a trip, make sure to check out and download some of these top photo apps that will be sure to wow you with pictures to share with your friends and family!
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Airport Holograms for Customer Service

At some of New York and New Jersey’s leading airports, including LaGuardia, Newark, and John F. Kennedy, one of the newest and most  innovative improvements of customer service has been presented – a customer service rep hologram. This hologram, Ava, has been introduced to help greet and guide customers during their travel experiences. The Port Authority invested in three holograms to place in the airports and will be testing them out over a six month trial period beginning in July to see how helpful they actually are and to observe how customers feel about them. While these holograms have been utilized already in many countries across the world, this is the first time they are being introduced in the United States.
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