Wyoming is home to the famous Grand Teton mountain range, Yellowstone National Park and eight national forests. It is no wonder the state has been a playground for explorers for over 150 years! Visiting at least once in your life is a must, especially if you are an outdoor fanatic. However, if you are not fortunate enough to vacation there any time soon, a virtual tour is a great alternative. All you will need is a high-speed internet connection, an Adobe Flash plug-in, and your imagination. Let’s take a virtual tour of Wyoming!

Go Take a Hike!

Hiking is fun for many reasons. You can breathe the fresh air, experience nature, and see amazing views. It may seem impossible to experience nature from your couch. However, taking a virtual hike around String Lake in Grand Teton National Park will take your breath away. Striking mountain peaks and a lush forest surrounds this natural wonder. The lake is so clear that the surface reflects the evergreen trees along its shore. The tour allows you to have a full experience with video clips, photographs, and information panels. It won’t take much to feel like you are actually there.

The tour takes you on a hike on the Leigh Lake Trail. It is about 3.7 miles long and winds around the east shore of String Lake. Then you travel north along the lake through a thick forest. Pass your mouse over different points on the screen to see nature up close. You may encounter the occasional grizzly bear along the way. Don’t worry! It won’t pop out at you through your screen. Your hike also takes you to bubbling streams and wonderful places to have quiet moments to yourself. Until you can make it out there physically, a virtual hike around String Lake is the next best thing!

A Virtual Snowmobile Ride

If you’ve ever been on a snowmobile, you know it’s a rush. Slicing through snow at 70 miles an hour while the wind rushes past your face is amazing! Although you won’t experience the wind, taking a virtual ride can still be a blast. How about taking a snowmobile adventure through the Snowy Range Mountains from the comfort of your home? To take this tour, sit back, relax and click the play button to watch an exhilarating video.

Follow a fearless snowmobiler as he glides over the snow under a cloudless sky, set against astonishing mountain peaks.  Two and a half minutes into the video, gasp as the rider stands up and rides with his knee on the seat. He makes it look so easy. Three and a half minutes in, the camera angle changes and now you’re on the snowmobile! Watch as you see the vehicle leave tracks behind you at a fierce pace. Your view will be a sea of white, broken up by sharp rocks peeking through the snow.

Eventually, you will be joined by another snowmobile adventurer, who will ride just beyond your tail. Be amazed as you watch him stand up and ride on the side of his vehicle. He’s showing off for your delight. Don’t miss the evergreens that dot the land along the way. The entire ride is thrilling and calming at the same time. If that seems impossible, watch the video and see for yourself!

Wildlife for Your Wild Side

If you ever wanted to be in your own nature show, here’s your chance. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s website features “WildLive”, a playlist of videos featuring wildlife from across the state. New videos are added regularly, so you’ll always have fresh material to explore. Watch hundreds of elk migrate as they stamp along the valley floor. Hide out with a deer fawn as it lays peacefully on a bed of dry grass. The video is only one minute and six seconds long, but you’ll wish it was longer.  Hopefully, you aren’t afraid of heights as you watch bighorn sheep traipse along a mountain’s edge. Watch a mountain lion and her cubs walk in a line toward a point just off screen. These are just some of the virtual experiences you can enjoy. You will have the kind of access that money can’t buy.


There is much to explore in Wyoming virtually. Nature lovers, thrill seekers, and adventurers can have a unique experience in just a few clicks. The upside to a virtual tour is you don’t have to pack or wait in long lines at the airport. You can just grab a cup of tea and take a journey like no other. When you’re ready to visit Wyoming in-person, consider adding travel protection to your plans. An unexpected mishap could force you to spend more than you anticipated on your trip. Lost baggage and travel delays are just a couple examples of what may occur. To learn more about how travel protection helps you gain some trip security, visit www.travelinsured.com. Enjoy Wyoming!

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