In this day and age, almost all of us have a side kick that comes along with us everywhere – a smartphone. The reason why most of us love our smartphones is because of the amazing abilities that certain apps have to offer our everyday life. There are thousands of travel apps that can act as tour guides, provide important information, or simply just add fun and entertainment to a trip.  Check out some of the most useful ones you should look into downloading before embarking on your next journey!


If the thought of missing a flight is constantly a worry for you, then this is the app for you. FlightAware sends you push notifications on any flight updates such as gate changes, cancellations, and delays. Just enter your flight number, and FlightAware will do the rest.


Traveling to an area you aren’t familiar with? AroundMe uses the GPS system to track your location and then presents the nearest attractions that you could be interested in such as restaurants, shopping centers, hospitals, and gas stations.


Trip acts as a trip organizer without the mess and confusion of paper itineraries. Just by linking the app with your e-mail account, all of the details of your trip including flights, accommodations, and reservations will be combined and organized. Any changes or updates that occur to these plans will also be automatically sent to your e-mail account in order to keep you in the loop.


One of the most important parts of traveling is taking pictures. Photosynth is a photography app that allows you create 360-degree panoramic photos by combining a string of photos that you take of amazing views from your trip.

World Customs

Traveling abroad? The World Customs app sets to where you are in the world and provides information on the culture and customs that are unique to that country. It will give tips on what to do and what not to do when dealing with things such as communication, gestures, eye contact, gender roles which are specific to that culture.

Have a favorite travel app that we didn’t mention? Let us know!