There’s no denying that Google has influenced the world of travel and hospitality. But it has also solidified the advantage of human interaction, especially when it comes to the investment of travel. According to Forbes Magazine, on average, “Americans spend 10 percent of their annual income on vacations.” That’s a lot of money! To get the most out of your investment and to protect it, travel advisors are life savers. Here’s why.

  • So Many Options

It wasn’t long ago when your options of where to stay and how to get there were found in a few “Best of…” books and pamphlets. Now the game has changed, and while endless options can be initially exciting, they typically end up being just downright intimidating.

Travel advisors spend their lives (literally their lives!) studying travel. Say you want to go to Cancun but you want an experience that’s truly original. Instead of booking a flight to a standard resort, travel advisors can suggest special experiences and accommodations that may land you the celebrity-status “vacay” you’ve dreamed of. It certainly isn’t easily found sorting through Google’s 57 million hits for Cancun.

  • Perks on Perks

Sure, you might be able to find a promo code or two on your own, but travel advisors hold the book of perks right in the palms of their hands. We all know the running bill gets longer and longer when you rack up airplane ticket expenses, accommodation costs, meal checks, and excursion charges.

But there’s nothing sweeter than also racking up bonuses like free breakfasts, beverage credits, complimentary spa treatments, free valet parking, and ocean-view upgrades. Talk about cherries on top.

  • The Magic’s in the Details

Have you ever had a chocolate chip cookie with not enough chips? You were probably pretty disappointed. If it only had five more chips, the cookie would’ve been perfect!

Travel advisors know the chip ratio; they’re detail experts. Investing in travel is like building the perfect chocolate chip cookie. If you aren’t an expert baker, you’re best off visiting your local bakery. Less mess, less stress, less mistakes, less trial and error, and more satisfaction guaranteed!

  • The “Oh No” Moment

You just traveled 8 hours in a plane to get to Italy, and your rental car reservation isn’t in the company’s system. You haven’t slept all night, you are ravenous for pasta, and your five year old is tugging on your arm shouting, “are we there yet?”

Travel advisors work around the clock to prevent the impending headache that’s about to form. Sorting through inevitable travel problems, despite the hour, makes travel advisors true knights in shining armor.

  • Time and Sanity are Precious

Chances are you’re a busy individual with a job, perhaps a family, and the daily grind that can suck up every free moment to plan anything well. No need to cut into your already dwindling sleep schedule: call a travel advisor!

  • To Each His [or Her] Own

No two people travel for the same reason. Is your budget extra tight, but you very much need a week away? Is budget unlimited and you want to unwind among royalty? Do you have a family of 10? Do you like camping in 100 miles of sprawling wilderness? Are you ready to gaze into your partner’s eyes surrounded by a fuchsia sunset? Travel advisors invest in knowing your travel dreams, so you can invest in vacations actually worth the 10 percent.

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