Making the decision to buy travel insurance for the first time is a great start to any trip! Travel insurance has so many benefits, and having that security is a great feeling. If travel insurance is a new concept to you, there’s probably a lot of information to take in. Even if you’ve had travel insurance before, it’s good to stay informed. Here are some important tips to keep in mind when you’re buying travel insurance, especially for the first time.

Read the policy and fine print – This is the most important tip! It may not be a fun task, but it’s very important to understand what will and will not be covered before and during your trip.

Document your belongings – Before your trip, take pictures of your belongings (especially valuables), and make a list of what you’ve packed. If you have to file a claim, having proof of ownership could help the claims process.

Understand pre-existing conditions – Review what a pre-existing condition is defined as, because it’s often a misunderstood term. It’s possible to have a pre-existing condition and not realize it’s classified as so until you really know the definition.

Free-look period – You have 14 days from the effective date of your policy or your scheduled departure date to cancel the insurance. If you do so, you can get your premium paid refunded.

Don’t pick a policy based solely on price – The purpose of insurance is to cover things of concern. So make sure you’re picking the appropriate policy, not the cheapest. Choosing a policy only for its inexpensive price could put you at risk for not getting the coverage you want and need.

Buy when you book – If you want to purchase travel insurance, do so when you book the trip to make sure you get the coverage you want.

Insure the correct trip cost – You might estimate your trip cost when you get a quote, but when you actually buy a policy make sure to provide the correct trip cost amount. If not, you could risk not getting the coverage you thought you’d have.

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