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A lot of rental cars get broken into because there are dead giveaways that tourists are using the car. Even if the plates are from a different state, you can make it look like the driver is a local. Thieves know that tourists carry valuable items like cameras and laptops so when they see a rental car, they may break into it. Luckily, there are some steps you can take to keep your rental car and belongings safe.

  • When you leave the car parked anywhere, keep the doors locked, windows up, and compartments open. Leaving all compartments open is a good way to show passersby that there’s nothing valuable hidden inside.
  • If you have anything valuable that needs to be left in the car, make sure you find a good way to hide it. Put it completely under the seat or under the mats. Thieves know that there’s something underneath jackets or blankets, so that trick doesn’t work much anymore.
  • Sometimes if you put a local newspaper or magazine in the car, it could trick thieves into thinking you’re not a tourist.
  • Put your baggage into the trunk right when you get to the car and leave it there until you reach your destination. For example, if you go to a rest stop and open up the trunk, someone may see what you have and try to break in after you leave the vehicle.
  • Any documents like the rental car agreement, airline ticket, or hotel reservation should be hidden out of view. These would make your rental car an obvious target.
  • When parking your car, if you see broken glass on the pavement, try to park elsewhere. The glass might indicate previous car break-ins in that area.

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