Tips and Tricks for Air Travel

Instead of dreading long travel days in airports, you can make the experience more comfortable by preparing in different ways. Here are some of the top tricks you might want to try the next time you fly.

Choosing Seats

Seat Guru is a great resource to help you find the best seat on your flight. Other travelers review their experience in a specific seat on a specific aircraft. The reviews are then compiled to give a “rating” for each seat.

Empty Water Bottle

Airports jack up the prices of everything. Save your wallet and the environment by bringing your own empty water bottle and filling it up at a water fountain past security. If you want to drink something different, bring powdered drink mixes to pour into the water.

Speed through Security

When going through security at a U.S. airport, try going to the line on the left. Americans are used to “staying on the right” when we drive and walk on sidewalks. The left line often has less people in it because of this. However, in countries where they drive on the left, you should try going to lines on the right.

Ask for Hot Water

When the flight attendant comes by with refreshments, ask for a cup of hot water. You can bring your own favorite instant coffee, tea, or even hot chocolate. The hot water can be used for food too. Bring a cup of oatmeal or ramen and add hot water to it for a quick bite to eat.

Stay Cozy

Put on a jacket or sweatshirt backward (with the opening toward your back) so that if you get warm you’ll be able to take it off without having to bump or disturb the people next to you. Also try turning a neck pillow around with the opening behind your neck. When you bob off to sleep your head won’t fall forward!

Order Meals in Advance

Getting quick food at the airport is a hit or miss. There are several airports that use the Grab app, which allows you to order a meal when you don’t have time to wait in lines or sit down at a restaurant. It’s quick and easy, especially for layovers.

Help Protect Your Flight

With a travel protection plan, you can help protect yourself when there are flight issues. You may be happy to have coverage if a flight is delayed or cancelled! Talk to your travel professional or visit

Have you tried any of these tricks for air travel?

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