A camera used to be one of the top things every traveler put on their packing list, but now a days more and more people are leaving their cameras at home and solely relying on their smartphone to capture images of their journeys along the way. Camera phones  are constantly improving, almost on a monthly basis. They can capture clear images, be personalized easily, and shared with other with the press of a button. Next time you are a planning a trip, make sure to check out and download some of these top photo apps that will be sure to wow you with pictures to share with your friends and family!

360 Panorama

While there are several different apps that allow you to take panoramic shots of a beautiful scenic view, 360 Panorama is the only one to allow you to simply sweep the camera along the scene you want to capture without having to stitch together separate images. The app is not needed to view the final product, which makes sharing the photo with other as easy as possible.


Now owned by Facebook, Instagram is among the most used photo sharing apps in the world. The app is free, easy to use, offers many different filters to help enhance and personalize photos, and one of the best ways to share photos of your trip with your family, friends, and followers through Facebook and twitter.


This is one of the best photo editing apps and includes a number of tools, yet is still easy to use. You are able to crop, adjust lighting and contract, add borders, fix resolution, as well as apply different filters and photo effects that can make your photos look like a piece of art. It is also known for producing the clearest images because of its camera stabilization.


This app allows you to take a serious of pictures and arrange them in a grid or frame, making them viewable on one single image.  It’s easy to snap a few photos of the place you’re visiting, combine them, and have a collage like image that can easily translate the feel of your vacation.

TiltShift Generator

When you are sightseeing and want to highlight a skyline or something special, TiltShift generator allows you to blur the photo with either a radial or linear blur option with the press of a button. It gives you images that look like they have been created with expensive camera equipment.

With the creation of these awesome camera apps, taking interesting pictures while traveling is now easier than ever.  No more expensive camera equipment, or even disposable cameras needed on your packing list. Make sure to advantage of these apps next time you plan on taking a trip and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Let us know some of you favorite camera apps for capturing photos while traveling!