Top Student Travel Destinations Named

One of the most amazing experiences that a student can have is embarking on a journey away from home to gain hands-on learning in a completely different culture. Studying abroad for a semester, enrolling in an internship, or simply just spending a couple weeks volunteering or sightseeing in a faraway destination can provide a great learning experience. While it can be argued that any trip made can help students gain knowledge, we’d like to say that these are the top places that every student should get the chance to travel to while they’re young.


Barcelona, Spain is one of the most sought after places for student travel. It is a perfect time to practice Spanish, as well as be fully immersed with the most amazing food, traditions and entertainment. You have the option to explore the beaches, the city, or both.


Planning a trip to Australia can provide an experience of a lifetime. The laid back culture is unlike any other country in the world. With beautiful lands, from beaches to forests, students can experience a type of lifestyle, as well as scenery that is unique to any other location for not that hefty of a price.


India has one of the most colorful cultures around the world. It provides many opportunities to take part in things such as explore different marketplaces, volunteer time to help local children, and even experience traditional activities such yoga or trekking. Students should be sure to visit the cities of Delhi, Agra, and Himalaya.


Paris is one of the cities that everyone should experience in their lifetime. With some of the most famous landmarks and historic museums, students can take advantage of the free access they will gain with student IDs. It is also one of the best cities to visit if you are a food lover, with the most amazing cheeses, pastries, and breads. There is price for sightseeing and taking pictures!

Los Angeles

Every student should plan to visit Los Angeles, California and experience culture that is unlike anywhere else in the United States. Los Angeles offers the chance to enjoy both beach and city atmospheres. There are an endless amount of opportunities for education and careers in LA, which every student should plan to explore.

Is there a destination you think is perfect for student travel? Let us know!

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