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More and more people are starting to only pack a carry-on bag when they fly. This is a challenge for over packers. When you have limited space to pack your belongings, you really have to evaluate how necessary it is to bring each item. Even if you’re packing a larger bag, we have some great tips to help you pack efficiently and light!

  • If you’re an over-packer it can be helpful to use a smaller bag, like a duffel. The less room you have, the more you’re forced to pack only essentials. You can also adjust the shape of the bag when it has to be stuffed into overhead bins, unlike a wheeled carry-on.
  • Write a list of what you absolutely need to bring and pack those items first. Packing essentials first will help you determine how much space is left for less important items.
  • Wear your heaviest items on the flight. Boots, jackets, and denim weigh the most and take up a lot of space, so wear them instead of packing them.
  • Pack items that can be worn multiple times, like a black top or blue jeans. Basics match everything.
  • Leave some beauty items at home if you can. Most hotels have hair dryers and shampoo at the very least.
  • Stuff smaller items anywhere they fit. Items like socks, scarves, and chargers all fit inside shoes or in the spaces between items.
  • Rolling your clothes can save a lot of space. Rolled clothes usually end up less wrinkled too.
  • Include a small bag inside your carry on that’s filled with valuable or essential items you need to keep with you (medications, chargers, money, etc.). In the event that your carry on has to be checked due to crowded overhead bins, you can take the small bag out in seconds.
  • Next time you unpack from a trip, look at the items you didn’t use and remember that for next time. It will help you learn what types of items you tend to bring and never use.

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