Traveling requires a lot of preparation. We use all types of resources in order to make sure our plans are well thought out and as affordable as possible. But, with so many options of resources to use out there, it may be hard to sift through them and decide which ones can help the most. We have compiled a short list of some of our favorite and most important travel resources. Check them out!

Travel Advisors

There many times when we want to book vacations but aren’t really sure how to go about making reservations and purchasing tickets. Even those seasoned travelers can be stumped when it comes to visiting a region that they’ve never experienced before. Travel advisors are a great resource to take advantage of in order to nail down the perfect trip. They may even take some of the stress out of traveling. Travel advisors will be able to help you not just while you’re preparing for your trip, but also when you’re on your trip should you need further assistance. They often have great knowledge on a vast number of places throughout the world. Because of this, they may suggest opportunities you had never considered. Reach out to a travel advisor and see what they have to offer. You’re not likely to regret it!


Group tours are a great travel resource for a few reasons. The first reason you may want to consider booking a tour for your next trip is ease of planning. By signing up for a group tour, further scheduling and booking becomes much easier. Tour companies will take care of sleeping accommodations, reservations for dining, scheduling excursions or other activities, and more. Tours also usually leave ample free time at each destination for you to explore on your own. It’s the best of both worlds. Another reason that tours are a great travel resource is because they provide you with the opportunity to make new friends. While on a group tour vacation, you will most likely be surrounded by some of the same people for a few days at a time. This gives you the opportunity to meet people from other regions and to bond over the similar experiences you’re about to embark upon. Finally, traveling on a tour can provide you with a sense of community and safety in a place you would otherwise be a stranger. This is especially great for solo and inexperienced travelers!

Booking Sites

You’re going on a trip, but you aren’t exactly sure where you want to stay or what to do when you get there. Not only will booking websites help you decide which hotels are closest to all the action, but they will also help you find fun and exciting activities to sign up for while you’re there. Not to mention, there are often packages and discount opportunities through these sights. Whether you’re traveling to a rural countryside or to a bustling beach town, check out popular booking sites to get a look into what will best fit your travel style.

Reliable Gear

All travel destinations require some type of travel gear. Whether you’re traveling for business, leisure, or sport, you’ll need the right belongings to keep you performing – or lounging – to the best of your ability. So, choosing reliable travel gear is a necessary travel resource to consider before you take your journey. Amazon is a great place to do some initial research on types of gear you’ll need. Things such as suntan lotion, travel briefcase, or ski boot bag come to mind. Also, consider some of your favorite brands you use every day. Often times these brands offer their products in travel ready sizes or with a travel twist. Finally, top rated travel brands are sure to have something you’ll want.


Traveling protected may help your stress level and enhance your travel experience. Everyone knows that there can be unexpected bumps in the road when you’re traveling. By obtaining travel protection you may be eligible to get some of your pre-paid non-refundable trip costs reimbursed if something goes wrong. By booking with Travel Insured, you may also be able to use non-insurance assistance services and concierge services to enhance your trip. Aspects of these additional benefits include things like meet and greet services and translation assistance. Visit our website to learn more about which protection plan would best fit your travel needs.


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