Traveling and exploring the world is exciting. We get to experience new things and see the world from a new perspective. One thing we should do while traveling, though, is practicing safety. Being aware of life occurring around us is of the utmost importance, especially in foreign places. Here are some common travel scams that may be avoided with a little extra care and attention.

Broken Taxi Meter

This happens often in tourist heavy areas like the airport, cruise ports, large attractions, but you should be conscious that it could happen anywhere. Usually tourists will get into the taxi, give them their desired location, and after the trip has begun he or she will inform the traveler that their meter is out of order. To avoid this, ask if the meter is working properly or negotiate the rates ahead of time.

Free Anything

Often times there are vendors standing in highly traveled areas that seem to be giving away free items. These items might include flowers, bracelets, rosemary, and more. They will hand them directly to you or even place them on you in the case of jewelry. Once you have it they will insist you pay them for it and may even cause a scene if you refuse the gift or price. To avoid this, don’t accept free items from anyone. If it seems too good to be true – it probably is.

Photo Opportunity Offers

It’s tempting to ask a stranger to take a photo of you. It’s even more tempting to say yes when someone offers on their own. Be careful who you let take a photo of you and your travel companions. There have been many instances when tourists have gotten expensive cameras and phones stolen from them this way. Perhaps opting for a selfie stick is in your best interest.

Fake or Unsafe Wi-Fi Opportunities

Wi-Fi is available most everywhere these days. Many times, we search for free WIFI options to check our email or post a quick picture on social media. Take some time making sure the networks you’re connecting to are safe and protected. We hold a lot of valuable information about ourselves in our palms. Most of the time having a phone or tablet is a great resource. Just be vigilant when connecting to foreign Wi-Fi sources – nobody wants their credit card or identify stolen.

Fake Tickets

There are many times you’ll need a ticket during your travels. There are also many opportunities for scammers to sell you inauthentic and invalid tickets to attractions or modes of transportation. Always buy tickets from the company directly or use a reputable distributor. The low cost of other tickets may be enticing but may also be too good to be true.

Traveling is an exciting experience. Most travel scams can be avoided by keeping yourself alert and staying aware of surroundings. Be sure to consider travel protection for all your travel adventures. You may be eligible for reimbursement should something go wring unexpectedly. Talk to your travel advisor today or visit our website to learn more. Safe travels!

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