The official travel season has almost officially arrived and it’s time to look at some of the yearly travel trends that keep popping up across the travel industry.  Take a look at some of the newest and most popular trends you may run across in your travels of 2013.

Pop Up Hotels

Pop up hotels are a new type of accommodation that are quickly assembled and easily taken down or created in an already existing building. These quickly built accommodations are created for special events such as festivals or very popular travel seasons. They will ensure you are in the center of action and will not spend a large amount of money. While they have been increasingly popular at abroad destinations, they are definitely making their way to US destinations in 2013. Before you settle on booking a hotel, search for pop up hotels to see if there are any options available!

Upscale Airports

Airports around the world are trying harder to provide travelers with more options and more upscale accommodations. While travelers used to have only a couple of food choices including fast food and pizza, many airports are now providing healthy options including salad bars, and fridges stocked with healthy sandwiches, snacks, and drinks, as well as a larger array of sit down restaurants. There are also new and improved waiting areas that offer comfortable booths, high counters, individual work stations, and even some with napping centers. Some airports are also planning on building mini malls to give travelers with long layovers yet another thing to do to pass time.

Technology Taking Over

While the option of receiving a printed ticket is still available, electronic tickets continue to be taking over the way we travel. Apple’s Passbook App manages everything from hotel and flight reservations to loyalty and gift cards, and makes it easy to access related electronic documents including boarding passes and tickets. Most airlines allow you to pull up your itinerary and ticket right through your email as well so you never have to worry about losing your ticket. Wi-Fi is also now being offered on flights around the world, and others are working on providing video-streaming entertainment aboard for 2013.

Cruising Uncharted Waters

Cruises have usually been known to travel in the Western Hemisphere, but one of the latest trends for 2013 are cruises that run their course in the Far East waters. Cruise lines are offering vacations that run through everywhere including Mandalay, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Java, and Indonesia. If you have been interested in visiting any of these countries, these new types of cruises are the best way to explore a number of cities in one vacation. Research Far East cruises or talk to a travel agent and you will be sure to find one for 2013!